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I don't know about the specs on paper, but Sepidoel is right.

I own a pair of the Vcores 89 and I now have a pair of the Organix 10 mid. First thing I thought when I hit my first balls with the latter is that it is similar with the Vcore. Not only is the feel very close, but both sticks seem comfortable when you hit high enough on their sweet spot (if that makes any sense), which should be good for spiny diagonal strokes and kick serve junkies rather than complement flat hitters.

They both play crisp with surprising power and access to spin. I think I am getting more control from the Vcore (maybe the smaller head, dunno), but the Organix Mid could potentially suit a wider player base. It's a bit lighter with even more easily accessible power. That said they both come through the air nicely.

I will be surprised if we don't see another suggested comparison between these two in the future.
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