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Originally Posted by t135 View Post
I dont know anyone who plays badminton but I grew up on public tennis courts (free or cheap) and have known literally hundreds of players at all levels of the sport who did as well. And who continue to play on public courts (free or cheap). So the original question makes no sense to me. Golf is another story.
Agreed. Also, I think the tennis is "too expensive" to play for the average person is overplayed. Everytime I drive by a public basketball court, I see guys playing in 100 dollar jordans and over-priced NBA jerseys. If you are just a beginner or recreational player, you don't have to spend 200 dollars on Babolats or vapors to enjoy tennis.

Of course, I'm not going to deny that tennis does become an expensive sport if you want to go pro or play at a high level. However, to say that only rich people can enjoy tennis is ridiculous.

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