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Originally Posted by omega4 View Post
No offense taken. I agree with you on the point that I think I can get back to a 4.0 form in a few months to half a year of playing. But at the moment, I really think I'm a 2.5 - 3.0. I just don't want to claim a higher NTRP rating that I don't think I can justify and back up with my play at the moment.

With that said, I'm perfectly OK with my rating being increased from a 2.5 or 3.0 to whatever others think it should be. I'm assuming it's easier to increase a low-ball rating than it is to decrease a overestimated rating, but I'm just guessing here.

I also agree with you that one doesn't forget the mechanics of playing tennis. But that's not at issue here. It's a case of where the "mind" is willing, the "body" is weak. Namely, I know what the proper mechanics are. It's executing them on a consistent basis that will take some time, hence my giving myself a lower rating until my game is up to par.
Take your 3.5 and play your 3.5 league. If you get beat, you'll end up at 3.0. If you end up winning you'll either stay at 3.5 or get bumped. There's a reason why the self-rate system asks certain questions and why you get a certain rating.

As for the other nonsense you apparently think I'm talking about. Am I to understand that after 20 years of not playing competitive 4.0-4.5 tennis, you've forgotten how to hold/swing a racquet, how to serve, how to hit a ball? Ya, and I'm talking nonsense. It's not like you got hit in the head, paralyzed for 20 years and have to learn to walk all over again. Come on man!

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