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This is true. I often have practiced and advise my players to practice this--the 1st 10-20 serves are hit with 2 fingers. Not only with just 2 fingers but at the very bottom of the handle. When serving the ball is hit out of your hand and not coming at you with force, so the impact with the ball is minimal and a tight grip is not needed. One should, given they have good technique, hit a pretty effective serve with just 2 fingers. Servers with poor technique will probably break a few racquets trying this. You will serve better gripping with your whole hand, but hitting with 2 fingers is a great test of your technique and a good practice method. Another serve trick I learned from John Newcombe, and one I use with my players now, is serving with your eyes closed. If you have a consistent ball toss and good rhythm and timing you should be able to serve with your eyes closed. Try it. I can serve with 2 fingers and my eyes closed--can you?

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