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Originally Posted by chalkflewup View Post
I think this candy chatter and phone talk is taken completely out of context. It's Davis Cup, a TOTALLY different environment than an ATP event.

I'm not too worried about candy. Guillermo Coria was caught doping. Gasquet "french kissed" somebody that had consumed an illegal substance and as a result he failed a drug test (what a joke of a story). Tomas Muster was a known smoker when he played. Maybe there are still a few around today who knows. Maria has her own candy line (Sugarpova's). By the way, none of those examples are Americans.

On another note, I was there yesterday and our guys were great with the fans, especially Isner. He meandered through autograph hounds to spend some time with a boy in a wheelchair. He called they boy by his name like they were best friends and then gave him some quality time. It was an amazing effort from the gentle giant.
Chalk, still trying to get that USTA job?
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