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Originally Posted by PED View Post
I've never gone as low as the 30's and Sonic 17 is a powerful string. I think the Sonic would be great at 45ish but it also won't last very long since it's so soft.

When I used tour bite 16L last week, I did 45/44 and it was great but it popped too early. TB is powerful as well but it bites harder than Sonic IMO.

I moved up to the 16 gauge tour bite the last few days and kept the tension roughly the same.

The problem is that the 16g isn't as powerful and it also got colder so I wasn't getting the action I wanted from it.

I will say that it takes time to groove in the lower tensions but they're effortless once you get your timing sorted out. The 16g TB is also not notching nearly like the 16L did last week.

I'm going with 41/40 for next week.
Wow, nearly dipping into the 30's here. I'm not sure I've heard about TB strung that low before.
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