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Originally Posted by The_Order View Post
Funny, Hewitt said he couldn't find any real decline in Fed's game. He said the FH became suspect but only against defenders like Rafa, Novak and Murray and Courier agreed. You'd think if the difference was down right terrible they'd have noticed...
lol, wut ? at his prime, rarely did his FH break down, even vs rafa ... it was only after his movement to the right declined by quite a bit that players started going to his FH wing more ....

again, it wasn't just the errors he was making off that side, that can happen when slightly off or being pressed by any player ; it was the fact that he was getting over-powered by murray off that wing ... it had wayyy too less power/pop than at his prime .... part of the problem was that his movement has gone down too much, especially to the right ...

I didn't hear hewitt's/courier's comments, so I'm not going to comment on them right now ...

Originally Posted by The_Order View Post
But Nadal didn't allow him to play decent, he was just far too good.
lol, how thick are you ? nadal was playing brilliant, doesn't mean it was the only reason why federer didn't play well ... on his own, he played terrible ... that was made worse by rafa's brilliant play ...

he was fairly inconsistent @ that RG and played his worst match in the final

Originally Posted by The_Order View Post
It was enough to beat woger's peak. Tell me when in Fed's wildest dreams would he knock Nadal off at RG? Nadal knocked him off his high horse at WIM.
lol, wut ? fed was better at 6 other Wimbledons (2003-07 and 2009 ) how exactly is 2008 his peak going by your "logic" ? ha ha ha .....

Originally Posted by The_Order View Post
Still got that crystal ball huh? We'll just wait and see how Rafa plays when he's 29...
we've already seen plenty of indications - injuries, missing slams etc etc ...AO 2006, AO 2013, wimbledon 2009, USO 2012 (&AO 2011)

Originally Posted by The_Order View Post
Yet somehow this crap player is UNDEFEATED against your hero at AO LOL! Most of Fed's wins against top 10 are from that **** weak era anyway. Rafa is 2-1 vs top 4 at AO. Almost 3-0.
yeah, all with fed not close to his best, not at 5 of his best AOs .... I never said that rafa was anywhere near cr*p ...just that fed at his peak is quite a bit better there and overall his record there is significantly better than rafa's

rafa is 2-2 vs top 4 at the AO and all of them in his best 3 years there ( 2009,10,12)

4-5 vs top 10 compared to 13-7 for fed ... deal with it ...

Originally Posted by The_Order View Post
Yet he has lost in the first round of his favorite major three times!
none of them at his prime, your boy lost in 2R to rosol at his prime on his 2nd best surface ...

Originally Posted by The_Order View Post
LOL what? I've absolutely destroyed ALL of your **** weak arguments. Nobody apart from rabid *******s thinks the era from 04-07 was as tough as 08-present.
lol, ha ha ha ....

2004-2007 & 2008-10 aren't that different, fields are similar, only fed's decline being compensated by rafa getting better ...

only you have your own delusions thinking ferrero wasn't playing well in AO 2004, hewitt was only competitive for a set in AO 2004 , muzza wasn't well below par in AO 2011 (he was struggling vs dolgopolov and ferrer - ferrer played 2 terrible TBs which was significant part of why murray won that match and was awful in the final ) ... ferrer of AO 2013 was close to roddick of AO 2007 .... agassi was anywhere near being affected by 'injury' @ USO 2004 (or even AO 2005 ),( whereas in reality, he was playing pretty well at both) ( even more so at the USO ) )

LOL, ha ha ha ..........

murray didn't do much after 2 sets and a bit in the final vs djoker in 2012 just like baghdatis in AO 2006 ...same for safin in AO 2004

2011 onwards is a bit diferent 'mainly' because of djoker ...(esp 2011 ) but then after top 4, the field is quite a bit weaker than it was before and surfaces being slower than before is part of reason for more consistency of the top 4 ...

also past his prime fed dealt better with novak than your boy nadal did in 2011 - beat him @ RG and had MPs vs at the USO ...your boy rafa couldn't touch djoker @ wimbledon or USO beat twice in straights on clay ....

he had to wait for djoker's level to come down at the AO in 2012 and still could've lost to him in 4 sets had djoker not missed that FH sitter at the net at 5-3 in the breaker , he'd have had 3 MPs & that was an easier shot to make than the much talked about missed rafa BH passing attempt in the 5th set ...

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