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Originally Posted by JackB1 View Post
Ross you need to judge a new racket over the course of a couple weeks. You can't blame every little up-and-down on the racket. Is your game that steady to where you can really judge if it's the racket or if its you if you have a bad set or bad day with it? Take all these little judgments and thoughts out of the equation and just play with it for a little while and see how you do on court. Let the on court results speak for themselves otherwise you can drive yourself crazy trying to come to conclusions after every day out there with the new racket.
I had a feeling you might chime in here, Jack.

I completely agree with you - which is why I've been at pains to emphasize on virtually every post that I need more playing time to get a properly informed POV.

That said, to a degree, when you're a confirmed racketaholic of many years standing haha (as many of us are, for our ills), and have some experience-based understanding and 'nose' for gauging this stuff, you can begin to formulate some ideas... to a degree.

Anyhow, at the end of the day, all we (Gads, David and me, in the instance you refer to; others throughout the thread obviously) are doing is enthusiastically debating and sharing our findings on this intriguing frame as it evolves... isn't that what the thread is kind of about?
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