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Default Bodyfat test using a swimming pool. Try this.

Is it possible to use a swimming pool to
measure body fat?

For example, blowing out all the air in your
lungs (or as much as possible) and then seeing how much you
sink to the bottom of the pool. I suppose once your
body exceeds the density of water You will sink.
Water is only 1 gram per cubic centimeter, so I'm
guessing you don't have to be super lean to sink all
the way to the bottom. Maybe 20% Bodyfat?
Maybe measuring the speed you sink as well could
give additional info on your density.

I tried this and I sink all the way to the bottom
pretty quickly and can lay flat on my back.

Anyone else tried this before?

If you've measured your Bodyfat by calipers I'm curious
how your pool test results are.
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