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Got to hit with the 99S again, because one of the guys i play doubles with rented it after i suggested they should. Well, the strings were finally broke in and softer, so the racket played a tad less harsh. But also with lower tension my best attempts at big spin made the ball just barely go out. My serve I noticed bounced a little higher, yet didn't have the driving power i normally have. Which, I am counting as a huge negative. I agree with JGads, who said this is a grinders stick. I realize I would have to change my mindset and game to a more non winner hitting game and just grind to win.
This came to me when I picked up my trusty microgel mp with some lead around the head and took a semi fast serve and took a very fast swing and whacked the ball! Thinking, if i had the 99S in my hand, that would have hit the back of the bubble! And then, happy i found my super fast swing speed(instead of trying to make controlled spin), I just cracked away at balls for the final minutes there.
I know making less errors I would ultimately become a better player if i got a 99s and became more of a grinder. But then also realized how fun it is to blast 80mph forehands for winners is! My racket, even though most would call a "control racket", is the most powerful racket i have ever used, because i can swing it far faster than any other frame and it will go in(at least, most of the time). So, for now, and again, hoping like others they make something more thin beamed, gonna keep cracking the ball with my microgel and go for slighty safer targets.
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