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you can definitely form an opinion after a few sets of competitive play and least to the point where you can also tell if a particular racket still needs more adjustment time to make a decision and if it has qualities to make you want to further dial it in.

In my case, I have a pretty short demo cycle because I know that just hitting with a racket is totally inconclusive especially as rackets I love hitting with are not always rackets I am effective with results wise. For example, I love hitting the IG Prestige Mid but i cannot use it effectively in a match (more accomplished players can of course). On the other hand, I am very effective results wise with the Blade BLX (and MG Rad) but don't actually enjoy hitting with it much and it is harsh on the arm.

Best routine for me is competitive singles against both a crafty style players and a big hitter but it must be a real match not a knock-up plus ideally competitive doubles but that is a bonus as i prioritise singles.

In truth, i have been on a pretty strong run of results with various rackets in hand but for big games, I keep going back to the MG Rad or IG Rad OS. The minute they are over, I want to play with something else like the PB 10 Mids I have incoming.

I really like the 99S in hand and it has some great qualities but some I don't like also. Two demo stints, one with a Blacked out version with a Sonic Pro/Addiction hybrid and then the current one with a full bed of poly. I think the non-S 99 might be a better candidate for me but still a fun racket.
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