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^^^Slight contradiction up there! You don't want to name names to make yourself feel important, but you throw out some nameless stats to do just that?

It's brilliant that you have worked with players at that level and it would be great if you could share some of the insights you may have instead of attacking other posters. Did you work with those players from day 1 and stay with them right through to the pro's (if so incredibly rare, I can only think of one or two examples of this in the pro's) - if not, how do you know when they started out they weren't working with a coach who looked at them played smart tennis with their tactical patterns?

As for me, well I've posted my info enough times around here and you've ben around long enough to have seen some of it i'm sure. But, if you want a recap in the last 12 months I've had a player in 2 Grand Slam finals (Wimby and the Aus open), a player win a medal at London 2012, a junior win the Junior Worlds twice in a row (singles and doubles) and captained my Country to a medal at World Team Cup. But that doesn't mean anything and it certainly doesn't make me a great coach - what makes me a great coach is that I know I don't know everything, so i'll never stop being open to new ideas.

Oh, and as for "my boy" - again check your history, we've butted heads on here many, many times over different things, but we've always been fair and managed to see each others viewpoints. We've not always agreed (far from it in some cases), but we are able to respect each others perspectives because we are both pretty good at reasoning out our opinions.

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