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Originally Posted by RollTrackTake View Post
I'm thinking about trying the F3.0 Tour out because I'm looking for an 18x20 frame. Tom you seem to know this racquet well. Can you compare it to a Wilson Blade, Head Radical or Bab PSGT?
The F3.0 tour is now my frame and I have been fully switched over now since the beginning of the year. I was reluctant to switch because the feel is not what I was used to but I am playing great and switching has impacted my game for the better.

I can only compare this frame to the older versions of the blade and radical. I have not played with the bab psgt, sorry. The blade has more plow through but the F3.o is faster through the air and hits just as heavy of a ball. It is very easy to accelerate the racket and it is more powerful than the youtek radical (last radical I hit with). These are all great control frames but it is amazing how much spin you get with the F3.0 tour. It is much better than the blade or radical and even the bio 300 tour that I switch from.

The biggest difference is that the F3.0 tour is a "modern" frame. It lacks the nice feel and ball dwell time of these others frame and there is very little flex though you will feel some if you string at 56 lbs or below. Mine are at 55#. The stringbed is livelier and snappier and you can whip the F3.0 tour fast enabling some very spinny and penetrating shots. In that way it is similar to the bab aero pro drive but it feels better and has much better arm protection. The closest frame to this as far as playability is the volkl x10 295 but with that one I would add some lead, this one is awesome in stock form.

I like the blade and radical but the F3.0 tour does everything just a little better for me. I almost didnt switch because of the feel but I am glad that I stuck with it.

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