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Originally Posted by winstonplum View Post
Sorry for the tardiness of my post, but it's been an extremely busy week.

The first two sets were neck and neck. Yeah, Murray blew three break points early in the second, but there was time to come back. What the hell happened in the third set? Was it all blisters? When's the last time a final was decided by an injury like that? I was expecting a war. Murray went out with a whimper. I've heard reports that he also had a bad quad or hamstring; is there any truth to this?

I'm just shocked by how physically spent he looked in the last two sets.
I am shocked that you are shocked. I guess you never played a 5 set match against Federer only to have to play a well rested Djokovic a few days later. These guys are almost supermen but not quite, they still need time to recover.
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