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Originally Posted by Dgdavid View Post
Which is your preference Racer? If you had a 'must win' match, which would you take with you if you could only have one?
Don't know yet, weather has sucked and we don't do much indoor I have not hit either since they got here. Just a long weekend demo session in December with both. Our season really cranks up in mid February, good or bad in terms of weather. Based on just the demo I lean towards the 105 for a must win doubles match and plan on just the 105 for doubles right now.

I sold the rest of my frames on the bay as I had way too many and don't like collecting them if I can get $ for them right now my bag only has the 105s and 99s. I am thinking of adding the Organix 7 (295) just in case I really need a light/defensive racquet. I am worried that it will be difficult to play a blocking and defensive doubles game with the S frames. The other reason to add another 16x19 is if I have string issues in a long match.

I'll for sure post more in a couple of weeks when I get to spend lots of time with each.
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