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B12 has a mythology attached to it because of doctors who give monthly b12 injections to patients. B12 injections started out because virtually all B12 deficiency in this country is not due to inadequate consumption but rather due to inadequate absorption from the small intestine, so deficiency can almost never be dealt with by eating more of it. (Deficiency from inadequate intake in the US is improbable, as nearly all flour, even what's used in commercial desserts, is "enriched"). Soon patients who weren't B12 deficient started asking for those injections, a pointless but generally harmless exercise, and incompetent doctors started touting B12 injections as a way for anyone to have more energy (particularly the doctor, as the injection is a procedure one can charge for). The Five Hour Energy people are picking up on this nonsensical tradition by putting it in the beverage.
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