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Originally Posted by Goosehead View Post
no, your point stands when you get things right..

a few weeks from being 32 still isnt fact it isnt even 32..

its still stop adding years for cheap effect...

anyway, you could say wade defeating evert was a shock and it probably was..but you make wade out to be some old granny who got lucky that day..when wade was often in the world top 10 in the 70s and in 1977 after evert she went on to win wimby and her 3rd major after the french in 1969 i think and the australian sometime between 72-75.

also though wade was 31..(nearly 32, defo not 33) in those days physical/athletic skills wernt as important as now (those vids from the 70s and 80s its amazing how much the players dont move around the court)..check out 1960 mens final on youtube fraser vs laver and laver is lobbed and he just let it go over his head).

so glorious virginia wade got the job done on july 1st 1977..beating a defo non athletic betty stove.

dull fact of the day..wade appeared in the singles at winbledon for 24 years in a row..last time in 1985 just before turning 40.

So Wade beat Evert on her way to her last major when she was 31 , on her best surface and Evert's worst, proving something involving a third player( Graf) and about how age shouldn't be a hindrance to success in May/ December rivalries, and by a really long extension something about Evert's peak . It carries a lot of responsibility, that match.

How old was Evert in '86 when she beat Navratilova in her last major and her next to last major final, on Evert's best surface and Martina's worse when Martina was WTA Player of the Year, ITF champion,, with 5 more majors to come. Why Evert was a grandmother on a walker at .....drumrole.......31 years old.

It can tell us a lot, with the right mind looking at it for connective tissue to something.

My point is simple, we read way too much into some flimsy stuff. Wade's late career victories for 6 months says nothing about Evert's career, peak level of play or what she should/should not have done to Graf, It says a hell of a lot about the strange turns in Wades rather unorthodox career. She truly peaked very late indeed. Finally she matured in her thirties from a workhorse with a severely compromised playing temperament into her own. Women's tennis best example of modern prefrontal lobe theory until Capriati came along. What is amazing is that she hadn't strung together those kinds of wins earlier, but she needed a sports psychologist before such existed.

Nadal agassi, I am often astonished how much I agree with the basic conclusions you draw on women's tennis only to be flabbergasted in how you get there. I absolutely agree that Evert's heights are lower than most greats, who fly closer to the sun, yet drop farther towards earth. So Yes neither Evert's best 'zone' tennis, nor her peak does not reach the altitude above the field of Serena's, Graf's, Navratilova's, even Davenport's.

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