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^Also, if you have to ask your partner, you're still not in violation of the rules.

If you didn't see the ball or aren't sure, you can ask your partner. If she is sure, you can go with her call.

I think you have to be careful so that you aren't constantly having conferences to see if you can gin up a way to call the ball out.

But if I am in a bad position or am busy hitting the ball *and* my partner had a better angle/position, then I will ask my partner and go with her call.

What will get under my skin is when you get one person raising a finger, the other person putting a palm down and then they confer and decide it was out.

Yes, I have actually had this happen and it is infuriating because it is cheating. One time we had an opponent at the service line and one at the baseline. The baseliner couldn't reach a ball at the baseline and called it good by putting her hand down. Partner at the service line put a finger up for out. They conferred and decided it was out. The baseliner said she hadn't had a good look at the ball -- which was a fib because she saw it well enough to put her palm down.

Anyway . . . . Unless we are talking about serve to the T or side T (where I might see it not wide but my partner can see it was long), that sort of thing is not cool.
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