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Let me splash cold water on this little love fest: Losing sucks a lot.

Or, more accurately, losing a lot sucks.

I was on a losing team as a 3.0 in 2006. We finished 0-11. We won two individual matches. By the end we looked like whipped puppies. It was no fun. If you lose all the time, you never get a rush, and it is dispiriting.

At that point, I decided to captain myself. We have had rough seasons, but we usually finish around the middle or better. I think our ability to be reasonably competitive is important. Folks don't want to lose all the time.

Sadly, I have friends who would like to join the team, but I do not want to take on people who are not competitive. They do not understand this, ("this is supposed to be for fun!") but it is more complicated than that.
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