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Originally Posted by mariecon View Post
LOL I love it when ********s deflect away from their hero and instead bring up Federer or Djokovic rather than answering the question. So I'll ask again, why did the ITF find it necessary to test Nadal "6 or 7 times" since he announced he was coming back? ***crickets***? Just as I thought. They tested him so many times because either a) he's been serving a silent ban or b) they know he couldn't have recovered from his supposed knee injury without help.
It is all PR maneuvering on behalf of the ITF. Say we tested Nadal 6 or 7 times and people will believe we are serious about catching dopers. They aren't serious about catching dopers. The big players can afford the best drugs which are ahead of the testers and even if these big players fail a drug test and get caught, we won't know about it. They will only throw out a lesser player being caught every now and then.
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