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Thanks for sharing, Matchball. I still do hope more people will share their experience comparing both racquets. I copy your post in the X10Mid thread:

Originally Posted by Matchball View Post
I would describe the new Organix 10 Mid as "crisp-mute" rather than "buttery-mute". Hominator nailed it, the other guys here, too. I am not sure comfort or lack of vibrations or anything of the like is better or worse; I would say the new grip did not seem to make much of a difference.

Stability, yes, especially that tricky upper part of the hoop seems to be an addressed issue. Note that my PB 10s were less head light and the referenced problem of instability high up the head was really not obvious. I know it is inherently there in the "regular" more HL version, because I have a 3rd stick which is like this, more HL and definitely slightly different than the matched pair.

All in all, the new incarnation is a more modern stick, with unexpected pop right off the stringbed. It is easier to play with more margin from the net and you can potentially get more spin, possibly translating into a heavier ball.

The flex is totally different (not just because of the organix; notice that the throat area is different and that the frame is also a tad thicker - looks so, too).

The hard-core "traditionalists" won't like it that much, but people who did not fancy the soft feel and flex of the older version (or for some reason they were turned off by something), especially newcomers searching for plug 'n play easily accessible power and spin, might find some value/utility thanks to the new attributes.

In some aspects, this new frame felt like the Vcore 89 to me.
So can I say that X10Mid is more forgiving than VCT89?
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