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Originally Posted by Rock Strongo View Post
I might go down the road of Keith Floyd. Drinking and smoking too much due to loneliness, and ending up dying too young... This isn't starting to go well...

It just doesn't feel good right now. I wish I were more social and being able to carry a conversation in real life, instead of just writing about my many shortcomings on a tennis forum.
I, too, am not aware of Mr. Floyd. If you meant Keith Moon of The Who, yes that was a tragically early loss of an enormous talent due to drug abuse and depression. I suggest you read Tony Fletcher's biography of him..."Moon...The life and death of a rock legend". It's a fascinating read about a very complex personality. You might take the book to a coffee house and get immersed there...who knows, there might be someone who catches a glimpse of your reading choice and strike up a conversation about it. Rome wasn't built in a day but this might be a little step you can take to break the ice and meet a new friend! Good luck!

Speaking of Moon and "useless information"...three rock legends are tied together by his place of death: Moon died in a London flat owned by the late Harry Nillson. Cass Elliot of "The Mommas & The Poppas" also died in the very same flat several years before Moon passed away.
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