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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
Actually, there is no requirement that partners agree on a call. The rule is that they cannot disagree on a call.

If a player didn't get a good look at a ball and the partner is sure it was out, the out call is proper.

I agree that partners should correct errors their partners make, but they had better be in good position to be sure their partner got it wrong.
Which is what I said. The partners must agree to a call. If you don't disagree, then you agree by definition.

Originally Posted by spot View Post
You have that rule completely wrong. The actual rule is that if you ask then the opponents are supposed to tell you what they saw. So if you aren't sure on a call, instead of conceding the point you really should be asking the opponent what they saw. You have to go along with whatever they say and even if they saw it out its likely they will say "I couldn't tell..." but its still worth it to ask them just in case you are facing someone honest who will concede the point.
The "I couldn't tell..." BS doesn't fly with me. If you make a call, you better be able to tell. You can't make a call and then say that you couldn't tell. WTF? Also, if the ball was a winner and it barely missed or clipped the line but it caused the person who's making the call to sit there and think about it to decide, the call is basically overruled if they call it out. This is a timing thing most of the time, but if you have to sit there to guess, it's too late. The only time this doesn't apply and the call stands is if the person really walks up to the mark quickly to take a closer look AFTER the call was made and either sustains or overrules it based on what they see. I've made the mistake to call something out that clipped like a mm or two of a line and made the correction after running up to it to take a peek. This tends to happen more on serves than other shots since they're so fast, but it can happen. If the call was wrong, the point was theirs anyway. Besides, those serves are either aces or unreturnables anyway from what I've experienced, so it's no big deal to make a mistake and correct those calls. Everyone's cool with that.
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