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Originally Posted by PBODY99 View Post
. Zyex MonoGut
1. Full Bed you are correct. It will start to move later than any string bed that doesn't have poly in it.
3. Crossed with 4G very little notching
5. As a cross with 4G, very comfortable, little notching
This is my experience with the frame in my signature.
I have not tried a shaped poly with this yet.
Thanks for your notes PBody!

Would you care to write a little more about the performance of the three setups you've tried? I would be most interested in...

1. In a full bed, how is the spin and control? Given its very low stiffness, I would expect it to be quite powerful. If the spin and control is good it seems that it would be a great alternative to gut.

3. As a main with 4G crosses, how was the spin compared to gut/copoly?

5. As a cross with 4G mains, did you get more pop and/or than you would with a syngut or multi cross?
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