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Originally Posted by Player#1 View Post
I have only used it for a couple of hours, but at this point it appears the durability will be similar to that of a soft poly.

I would probably switch over to this string if I could string it tighter without breaking it.

I seem to get a little more spin with this setup (difficult to judge because of the change in tension)

The other thing of note I found with this string is that it was stretching more than gut while stringing at high tension.
You know, given this string's very low stiffness numbers, and the fact that the stiffness doesn't really increase very much at high tensions - which is very unusual; aside from Zyex, only natural gut is like this - it would seem that stringing tight would be the logical thing to do with this string. But Ashaway recommends dropping tension like with a poly. Doesn't make sense. Given your experience with snapping at high tensions, I wonder if their tension recommendation isn't more to do with that. Maybe Zyex doesn't have the tensile strength to handle high-tensions.
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