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Originally Posted by Nostradamus View Post
Ok, I have been using this for about 3 weeks now and it is really different than the Pure drives. It just feels very clumsy more and more I use it. and it is much more difficult to volley at net, especially in doubles. It seems and feels like easy to swing but when I actually go and play matches with it, it feels clumsy and very slow at net. I am talking compared to pure drive 2012.

Did anyone else notice this ? I was very tired today but still that shouldn't really affect me that much
I am totally with you on this. Having been a PD user for last 10 years (have PD Team and PD 2012 in the bag), I jumped on the APD 2013 "must have" bandwagon. I demo'ed the APD 2013, and eventually bought into it, and promoted it to my 1st stick, The Honeymoon is fast coming to an end.

I too have felt the clumsiness of it, especially on serving conpared to my PD's. In fact I am of the opinion that if I must have a "alternative" in my bag, just for the sake of having a "different" stick, I would go back to a Pure Storm GT (which I sold previously and regret it).

I always veered away from the APD's due to the chunky-clunky look, and hollow toy like feeling, and yes the 2013 did address the hollow feel, but I just can't synch with increasing feeling of clumsiness.....(I also notice a twinge in my inside elbow--which may be due to-ing and fro-ing between racket's. Funnily enough when I have stuck with my PD's, I never really had any arm issues at all......)
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