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I have three days of hitting. Day one was outside in 45 degrees with fresh strings with a ball machine. I was consistently getting good depth and was quite impressed with the spin. I was swinging freely and had a number of shots that looked like they were going long stay in. I had bounces that were quite impressive. I figured that I would be buying one at this point.

Day two was indoors, 65 degrees and doubles. I found that if I swung as hard as the day before I was sending things a bit long. It could be because of the temperature difference, that I wasn't getting set up as well or that I was just having an off day. Racquettune said tension had only dropped about 2 lbs. Whatever it was I found I was I no longer had full confidence and was not taking full swings on my forehands. This lowered my racquet head speed and spin. Backhands were still pretty good. Volleys were average - I prefer a hefty racquet. After an hour I pulled out the EXO3 Rebel 95 I was demoing and felt more at home. I was able to swing harder and I enjoyed the weight at the net and felt more confident.

Day three was outside. Started at around 45 degrees, dropped to 38 during the session. I did drills with targets and found that when I missed the target with the 99s I was more often long. With my Diablo mid I was more often short. When it warms up I find depth easy to come by with my Diablo and I fear that I would be long a lot with the 99s.

I still have it for another few days and will continue to hit with it to see if I can figure it out better.

I think the 99s is a really good tweener. It does indeed have more spin. It feels solid on contact and not hollow and cheap. The balance and swingweight were pretty good out of the box. I like the new grip that came on it.

BUT... it is still a tweener and I'm not a tweener kind of guy. I'm more of a 12oz+, 95 or less kind of guy. I hit with the Six.One 95 16x18 yesterday and liked that a lot. I would like to see a Six.One 95S 16x15. That I would probably buy. Rumors are that they will be expanding the S to more racquets for next year, and that Prince is coming out with open patterned grommeted racquets this summer. I will wait until a more players weighted and sized open pattern racquet comes out.
Let's try this Textreme 95 for a while.
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