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Originally Posted by Towser83 View Post
That's some very clever wording there, I wonder who came up with that for him to say?

Reading between the lines we get 2 very obvious meanings here.

1. "We must make sure everyone is as clean as me, no? Because I am well known for being the most clean sportsman in world history no? No testing is even needed with me, it is the others you need to worry about. They must be tested to prove they are as clean as me. No?"

2. "We must make sure everyone is as clean as me. But it doesn't mean I am clean! I could be doping to the eyebrows (maybe that's why they move so much, no? One day maybe I get eyebrow injury, no?) Everyone is as clean as me (not clean) then it's fine. No?"

Very clever PR
Yes everyone must be as clean as him. Because if anyone was less clean then they would surely self-destruct.
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