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Originally Posted by Gonzo_style View Post
Opinion: Djokovic is in decline

Fact: Djokovic played 7 finals in last 8 tournaments (btw nobody cares about Paris and SQ).
I'm sorry but Djokovic has peaked and although he isn't out of his prime yet his level of play is dropping ever so slightly. In 2011 he was way more aggressive and he could beat Nadal on clay. Couldn't do that in 2012. Level of the field does not affect whether one person is in decline or not, we're talking about how a person plays, not his results. A declining Djokovic can still win multiple slams if the remaining field isn't good enough to compete with him. The fact is Djokovic's level of play has levelled off. The AO final this year was proof, there was loads of pushing whereas in Djoker in 2011 would have destroyed Murray like he did that year.
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