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Originally Posted by crosscourt View Post
Played for the first time in a while today at the Westway. We had an hour indoors and then an hour outside under floodlights on the fake clay. All I can say is that the last hour wasn't tennis. It was cold, with a strong breeze, and we were playing in a sandpit. I quite like red clay but this stuff is nothing like it. Better than no tennis but only just.
Are the indoor facilities at Westway any good? Decent changing facilities? It's roughly 50 quid for a two hour court booking, which is steep, but it does provide flexibility for occasional users of indoor courts. A pity that a singles court takes up so much space, so is effectively priced at the opportunity cost foregone of a 5-a-side pitch used by 10 people, with the cost spread accordingly.

Have played a fair amount of 5-a-side there, but never tennis.

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