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why is redline made for working out then though? is anyone else on her familar with it? it is different though, because you have to be 18 to buy it and you can't be ten lbs over weight if you consume it. why would a coperation make a product that is made for working out if you cant be overweight to use it. I still dont understand the physics of it.
Liability protection. If someone doesn't meet those conditions and take it anyways, it helps them should problems occur. This is particularly big with children who take this and/or similar products. Recommending products to children is a liability nightmare. Same with the 10lbs over or more; they still expect that people will take it - and they don't really expect any problems to normally occur... but enough users, and lawsuits will pop up.

5 hour energy does not contain Y, assuming that there is no contamination of product. For the most part, it is just a caffeine source, with some niacin (B3), a large B12 hit (useless), glucoronolactone & malic acid (think krebs).

Originally Posted by SNS
Glucuronolactone is a natural metabolite of glucose and helps regulate the formation of glycogen. Since it helps protect glycogen stores and their syntheses, it is considered an ergogenic aid that can help with athletic & exercise performance and recovery. It also may help remove metabolites that could potentially be hepatotoxic (liver damaging).
Glucuronolactone is commonly seen included in many store bought energy drinks. It is also contained in many ergogenic aids, and pre-workout supplements.
From a supplement company, SNS Nutrition's writeup on their glucuronolactone 500mg/cap.
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