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Originally Posted by TonyB View Post
Wow, this guy's got a good handle on quality brews. I just picked up THREE sixers of Lagunitas Sucks today. Very "bright" tasting hoppy ale. Nothing heavy about it. But still the typical full-bodied Lagunitas style. I love Maximus as my everyday IPA and wait every year for the May release of Lucky 13.alt. I still love Lagunitas Undercover Shutdown, though, as my favorite strong ale.

I had a Bigfoot tonight and it's by far my favorite barleywine. Too bad they screwed everything up and went to a 4-pack instead of the 6-pack and added another 15% to the price (now it's $15/6 compared to the old $13/6 that it used to be for the last 10 years).

Anyway, Lagunitas is clearly my favorite brewery and I jump on every release they offer, especially the seasonals. I love barleywines, though, and I wish they would release their Gnarleywine again someday.

I recently discovered Goose Island Bourbon County Stout (at 15%) and it's absolutely ridiculous. Amazing flavor, aroma, and body, even without aging at all. I can't imagine what this stuff will taste like in another year.
Thanks for the kind words. It's taken a lot of $$ and hard drinking to get to this level.

Lagunitas is easily my favorite all-around, every day brewery (also love Russian River but their stuff is spendy). I always look forward to Lucky 13 time and if you haven't tried it, look for their Imperial Red in March/April. It's also fantastic. I like their Gnarleywine Barleywine but agree that Sierra's is better. Bummer that it has dropped to the 4 pack trend and price increase. I actually tried a bomber of Bigfoot Barrel-Aged, ~$15 for the bottle and hated it. It's rare that I like a bourbon barrel aged stout because of the often strong whiskey aftertaste and that taste was magnified with the Bigfoot. It lost all it's sweetness and made the beer malt heavy and bitter with a very heavy bourbon aftertaste. Not a fan.

I have a few bottles of Lagunitas Sucks and a few cans of Oskar Blues G'Night Imperial Red for the Super Bowl. A local restaurant had a beer tasting with Oskar Blues beer and the Imperial Red is wonderful on tap. Not quite as good in the can but still good.

Happy Sunday to all in this thread. Cheers and enjoy the game!
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