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thanks for the input. I really want to try an 18x20 that has better control than my 16x19 frames but doesn't sacrifice a great deal of power. I've hit the Microgel Radical and the Donnay Pro 1 18x20 and came away unimpressed. With the Microgel Rad I could swing out and keep everything in the court but power was minimal for me. The Donnay Pro 1 18x20 just didn't feel right.
So I'm considering the F 3.0 Tour, Blade 18x20, TF 315 Ltd. and the Dunlop Bio 200 Plus. The F 3.0 Tour and the TF 315 Ltd are frontrunners now because I'd rather err on the lighter side SW wise. But I will be demoing the new Blade just to try it out. I may even grab a pink one if there are any left in the next couple days.

Where would you guys rate the control level? Or how does the control compare with other frames you've played with?
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