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Originally Posted by dizzlmcwizzl View Post
This is just not true. There is absolutely no requirement in tennis that the partners have to agree on the call. Only that if they disagree or are unsure, then the point must be awarded to the opponent.

You have four options when making calls ... I saw it in, I saw it out, I saw it but I am unsure, or I did not see it.

If you saw the ball hit but are still unsure then point to your opponent, regardless of what your partner thinks.

If you and your partner both make a call and disagree, point to the opponents.

However, if you did not see the ball hit and your partner calls it out ... then there is no requirement to give the point to your opponent.
Not correct. There have been numerous times when serves or other shots have been called by my partner as out (which were out) that were not possible for me to make a quick call on because of the shot placement and my concentrating more on the ball than what side of the line it hit. I play the ball, if I hear a call from my partner as out, that call stands and I stop playing. If challenged, I reply with "I couldn't tell, so my partner made the call." As long as my partner is in a position to make the call (i.e. not too far away, etc.), then the call stands. If I was to go about saying "Could have been in but it could have been out too." Then that's enough to give cause to give the point away. I don't usually play with partners who cheat out points and there's been points where I've asked my partner if a winner from me was in out our (the close ones) even though the opponents called it good. A few times, they were out and we actually were both aware of this, so we told the opponents that we saw the ball as out. Usually, the opponents thank us for that, but maintain the point was ours. Again, things like that usually build that trust that no one's there to rip anyone off.

I think we're all saying the same thing here... so it's all good.
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