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New video -

My first 3 of my shots I see that the racquet face is perpendicular to the court at the end of the take back all the way through contact, which resulted in a double bend hit (like or, minus the fact that his racquet starts the upward part of the take back closed). From other videos of me goofing with friends, the double bend seems to be how I normally hit. And when not trying to force “pet the dog” (like the first video), I guess I didn’t really do it at all. That’s probably why sometimes I would wind up for a kill shot and send it flying long, since the racquet face was never closed in the first place and any supination on top of that perpendicular racquet face position would open up the racquet face. The last 3 I had the racquet more parallel to the court during the same time frame described above, which resulted in a straight arm hit. I can see that the first 2 straight arm shots are reminiscent of my first video – my arm was moving at the same speed as my body, not being pulled by it. I believe this is because both incoming balls were around knee level, just like a lot were from the first video. The last one was different though, and I gave a signal to the camera to watch this shot specifically. As I was going through the different suggestions I’ve been given throughout that night, this was around the point I started to focus on swinging with the butt cap first to the ball. This shot felt different than all the others, and I remember how loose my arm felt right before contact (when I led with the butt cap) through contact.

For that last shot, I’d like to point out a few things I think I did to improve from the first video an what I still could improve on -
Improved: slightly more open stance (though not as good as other shots in the video), not forcing the racquet face to point behind me (kept at about 45 degrees), swinging at the ball with the butt cap, contact is made about as far out as possible
Can still improve: loading on outside leg (again, not as good as other shots in the video), starting the swing from the body (will give more ssc), maybe a more federer/nadal-esc shortened back swing (more of a 45 degree straight down drop instead of a circular motion)

Also, stroke 2 and 3 seem to me to be pretty similar, but the second shot would have sailed long. Can you tell me what you think the differences are that would have contributed to this are? I can see these:
-elbow is slightly more bent during the follow through on the 3rd stroke
-ball is lower at contact on the 3rd
-swing path is more linear on the 3rd

On a lot of pro’s bent arm swings I’m seeing that their elbows are still kept bent still after contact so their arms wrap around their body/neck really fast, where my elbow is extended as far from my chest as possible since my arm is almost straight out and pointing at the hitting wall. But then here’s Roddick and it looks like he’s killing the ball, and his elbow and arm are more straight out like mine. Is this a swinging through vs. swinging up difference?

And what is Murray doing to get his arm to go from straight to bent right before contact, is he swinging literally straight up and over on the ball?

BTW, in , do you think he’d hit with a straight arm if he didn’t supinate right after petting the dog and kept the racquet face parallel to the court through most of the stroke?
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