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Originally Posted by dizzlmcwizzl View Post
However, if you are in position to see the ball land, have an angle from which a decision can be made and the ball is so close that you cannot decide for yourself if the ball was in or out ... point to your opponents.
Mmmm, can't get behind this part.^

Say I am right on top of the ball, and my partner is not. I see the ball hit but am unsure. If my partner is 100% certain the ball was 100% out, she can call it out and I do not have to call disagree. Again, we do not have to agree. If I see it in, then we have a disagreement.

Another example: My partner is calling the service line. Often, those service line calls on long balls will look good to me. But because she is standing right there on the line watching the service line bounce for me, I stand by her call. This, even though I didn't see space and therefore am not 100% sure the ball is out.

Similarly, every now and then I see the serve as long even though my partner on the service line said nothing (out to lunch, just missed it?). Even if I saw space, I will play the point rather than call it long. If I am going with my partner's service line call, I am going with her service line call.
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