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Originally Posted by Cesc Fabregas View Post
Balotelli scores 2 on his debut. Despite what the media say he wasn't ever given a run in the Man City starting 11.
He'll do well..needed another year or so to really get up to speed with English football though he wanted too much time on the ball a lot of the time and also ironically Mancini's tactics don't suit a player with his skillset, didn't help that he had a poor attitude when things weren't going well though.

Tevez is probably next to leave and he fits the tactics perfectly but always is subbed or left out no matter his form, creates chances every game for himself and teammates and links up well with Silva while Aguero has been a lot more selfish taking too many dribbles.

Hoping for a miracle but honestly haven't seen more than 2-3 games all season where the team have really played well. Hopefully Yaya plays better when he comes back and improves the play.

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