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Originally Posted by playsmart View Post
The official results according to corretennis are little different:

Daniel Dutra Da Silva def. Deiton Baughman 6-3,6-3 (not 6-3,6-4)
Daniel Dutra Da Silva def. Stefan Kozlov 6-0,6-3 (not 6-0,6-2)

They might be wrong, I'm just saying.

Also lets's not forget, at the time of the match Kozlov was still technically only 14 years old, born February 1, 1998.
Chalk was responding to this guy about the age and what I believe no matter what everybody believes on here , I see someone driving I believe they are of age or cheating the system one way or another cheating yeah ?

If you saw DB or Papas or Nikko or Luca in a bar drinking they either have a fake ID or they are 21, one or the other and if they are telling us they are 19 there is something wrong , but we both can agree is there is a lie being exercised .

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