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Originally Posted by lcalamar View Post
Good to hear you found something you like. Not surprising you found the V1 to be on the light side...

I need to try out that Yonex myself - have heard great things.
Thank you very much.

I appreciate your and everyone's opinions and advice on finding a new racquet. There's something to be said for demoing a racquet just to be sure that the specs on paper sync up with real-world situations on the court.

I found the Yonex Vcore 100 S to be a tweener racquet in more ways than one. Not only is it a tweener that bridges a true players and beginners racquet, I found that it also was a tweener that bridged my old school swing style and that of the modern swing by easily accommodating both styles to a certain extent.

If I used a 1 handed backhand, I probably would've gone with the Pro One 97 with its smaller headsize. But with my 2 handed backhand, I felt more comfortable with the large headsize of the Yonex. Best of all, I could take an aggressive swing with the Yonex (with its low / medium power) without worrying about the ball sailing out of the court.
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