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Originally Posted by OrangePower View Post
As a general comment, I think part of the problem with league and self-rating is that people rush into it too soon... meaning, don't give themselves enough time between picking the game up (again), and self-rating / getting on a league team.

If possible, I think a better approach is to play social tennis for a couple or three months first, and then see where things stand. The level of play after three months is going to be much more of an indication of what it's likely to be for the next year. And also, playing already-rated players over the first few months would take a lot of the guesswork out of self-rating.

At least it did for me. I had no idea of what the self-rating guidelines were, but I knew pretty much what my level was based on comparison with friends who had ratings.
That's actually a great idea, especially if league tennis had some sort of monetary prize ramification.

But since most tennis leagues are about fun and pride, why should player returning back to tennis have to delay getting in on the fun just because they're game is in flux? Shouldn't the league and USTA be more responsive in adjudicating a new player's rating as he improves and gets back to a proficiency level that he used to enjoy a long time ago?
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