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Originally Posted by SwankPeRFection View Post
Take your 3.5 and play your 3.5 league. If you get beat, you'll end up at 3.0. If you end up winning you'll either stay at 3.5 or get bumped. There's a reason why the self-rate system asks certain questions and why you get a certain rating.

As for the other nonsense you apparently think I'm talking about. Am I to understand that after 20 years of not playing competitive 4.0-4.5 tennis, you've forgotten how to hold/swing a racquet, how to serve, how to hit a ball? Ya, and I'm talking nonsense. It's not like you got hit in the head, paralyzed for 20 years and have to learn to walk all over again. Come on man!
First, my poorly worded post about "nonsense comments" was NOT directed at you, but another member (to whom I've just publicly apologized for).

I can still hold a racquet and remember the rules of tennis more or less. But I've forgotten just how "western" my forehand grip used to be. I've forgotten just where "no man's land" is exactly on the court. I've forgotten just how much I should toss the ball inside the baseline during my service toss and just how high I used to toss it.

I could go on and on, but you get the point. Can I beat a beginner to the game? Probably.

Could I beat some of these junior players competing in USTA tournaments? Probably not at the moment.

My inconsistency is my biggest weakness at the moment. Namely, being able to hit a number of consecutive strokes without having the ball end up in the net.

This is exactly why I won't be giving up golf completely as I get back into tennis. I don't want to have to re-learn how to hit a fade or draw shot off the tee with a driver or long iron.
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