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Does anybody have any experience with using tennis training aids to teach juniors or adults? I see that there is the serve doctor to teach beginner's the correct location of the ball during the serve. There is also a tool to teach topspin and another tool to teach the whip like motion of the modern forehand. These tools seem very interesting just wondering if anybody has used them. My daughter is 7 and some of these techniques are very difficult to teach.
The biggest training tool I discovered was an internal revelation that although I was a high level athlete in my youth I do not have the experience or knowledge base to coach my daughter to be a great tennis player. What I have done is focus on what I know and that's speed, flexibility and strength development and have left the tennis technique to the tennis professionals. Training equipment is great if you know how to teach with it and for that you must be an athlete your self. That said, you don't need much to enhance strength and movement.
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