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Originally Posted by Relinquis View Post
apologies for the typo. yes i did watch the matches*.

the point stand though. if Sloane was mentally strong she would have been 'consistent' enough to at least get a set off of Vika, but she wasn't strong enough mentally (or maybe her game isn't good enough yet). Li Na was, is, mentally tough; she took out several top seeds on her way to the final where she took a set off of Vika, then injured herself. i dont' see how someone could look at Li Na's performance in this Aussie Open and say that she isn't mentally tough.

* I don't watch much WTA, but watched Stephens Vs. Williams, Stephens Vs. Azarenka and Li Na's last three matches of the Aussie Open in full. I also saw a few of the other matches.
You're comparing Li Na, an experienced veteran grand slam champion to Sloane Stephens, a teenage up-and-comer who made it to the semifinals of a grand slam for the first time. The expectations for mental toughness from these two women are very different. Li Na was dictating play in the final, and due to her inability to keep it together at the crucial moments (eg: error Na) she lost the match. Had she played like she did against Sharapova throughout the match, she'd have won the final in straight sets as well. The "injuries" she "suffered" in that final are being highly blown out of proportion--she was FINE. Her level of play was consistently inconsistent throughout the match, pointing to a lack of mental toughness. What aren't you understanding?

As for Sloane Stephens, she showed great poise in ousting Serena Williams and cleaning up her game against Azarenka when the going got tough--so much so that Azarenka's own mental strength waned and opened the door for Sloane to make a comeback, just like against Williams in the previous round. THAT is why she is mentally tough, because she remained calm in such situations where a 19yr old who has never before been in that position and even had chances to go all the way.
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