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Originally Posted by corners View Post
more boardy than copoly on the periphery is very strange.
It feels a bit boardy/tinny on the periphery like a dead poly but without the stiffness or discomfort, if that makes any sense? It's like a describing piece of cardboard your toaster might come in - its boardy but not stiff or uncomfortable if you were to use it to hit a tennis ball. Hard to describe because this Zyex stuff seems to have its own characteristic. I think it would be less noticeable if I had strung it at a lower tension, but then that central sweetspot would probably start becoming really powerful.

Like you I suspect a poly/ZX or ZX/poly hybrid mix could well work. Also - as you originally suggested - I suspect that with a larger open patterned stick, it might be an idea to do longer pulls during stringing (I strung the ZX in the same way as usual) though I've no idea how that would affect its sweetspot characteristics. Anyone with an interest would probably need to experiment with pull speeds/times and possibly prestretch to see what might give the optimum results. Materials engineers would probably have a field day describing the tensile strength and stiffness of this string and how that changes depending on its length between two points....

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