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Originally Posted by Torres View Post
It feels boardy on the periphery like a poly but without the stiffness or discomfort, if that makes any sense? It's like a describing piece of cardboard your TV might come in - its boardy not stiff or uncomfortable if you were to use it to hit a tennis ball. I think it would be less noticeable if I had strung it at a lower tension, but then that central sweetspot would start becoming really powerful.
Hmmm, I see what you're saying. It kind of sounds like it would be best for someone with slower swingspeed, where that central sweetspot power would actually be welcome. And that's kind of how Ashaway is marketing it. It might also behave differently in an open pattern, well, I guess every string does, but ... I think I'm going to have to try it in a full bed head to head with natural gut in a full bed to really get a handle on this stuff. So that's four tests just for this string, uggh. Still very curious about this stuff though.
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