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Originally Posted by chalkflewup View Post
If you are absolutely certain he's lying about his age, I challenge you to pursue the truth or just finally let it go.
I dont know whos lying or if anyone is lying I am just a guy hearing people talking about a 14 yr that was driving a car and was wondering how this is ? either someone is breaking the law which is not honest or we are all a bunch of Manti Teo's being duped , Just saying .

ultimatley everyone on here listen to TCF spit out is garbage and everyone buys his daughter is a super talent !! Has anyone seen her play ?? If not and you believe she is a super talent then you are a "Manti Teo" a college grad in love with someone they have never seen yet believe they are a real talent and to that I laugh .

as for the age could care a less I like the kid cause he fights through his matches and unlike most kids I watch he does not give up so he has my respect but if I question his age because somethings I witness cotradict please dont fault me for using my mind a nd not blindley excepting things hook ,line and sinker .
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