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Funny that you should mention Kozlov's age and driving a car. In Florida you can get a learners license at 15 but must have a licensed driver 21 or older in the front seat with you. This could be the case, but that means he is older than 14 or maybe just turned 15. Isner lost in five sets today, opponent just played really well. This court speed did not help the Americans this weekend in my opinion.
According to Chalk back in Nov. he was 14yrs , lets move on! I brought this thread up cause I was watching Davis cup and Bllake said the reason our bench was stoic or paralized of energy was cause they were probably having a sugar crash from all the candy he watched them all munching away on but these guys were given all the candy from our trainers there so they were just doing what they thought was good I guess.

were the courts hard or clay ? wouldnt hard favor us ?
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