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Originally Posted by Pbarrow View Post
Thanks for the great info Fed. I think I will layoff the 5 hour energy before matches. Now that you mention it I do feel a little jittery at times during my matches. I chalked it up to nerves in tournament matches, but thinking back I play more calmly and focused in a.m. matches with "only" coffee level caffeine buzz. Scary huh? I must say I think I am addicted to the Orange Triad. It just makes my wholy body feel better, especially my joints. I really notice if I forget to take it, everything just gets more achy and less lubricated feeling! Scary too!
Under stress, the body produces adrenaline.

Adrenaline is called the "fight or flight" hormone.

It instantly increases our alertness and gets the heart pumping faster.

The problem is during the stress of a match when you add the body's production of adrenaline to having taken a lot of caffeine. A feeling of being "jittery" definitely can be produced.

[I have to confess real doubts about the benefit of Orange Triad - but I don't want to get you over concerned about making too many changes in your regimen at once.]
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