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Originally Posted by Sid_Vicious View Post
Wow, attendance was poor yesterday day as well? That is awful

You know, Andy Roddicks retirement has definitely left a mark. I remember a few years ago, the Indianapolis tournament director mentioned that Roddicks withdrawal had stunted the ticket sales badly. I don't remember attendance being this poor when Roddick and Blake were on the squad.
I don't either, but A-Rod did play in that Miami exho in November, and I was there, and I was shocked to see how terrible attendance was. Most of the audience was there supporting the Latin players, and I thought that was even worse because both A-Rod and John I. had called Florida home at one point.

I thought it was just a Miami thing -- too much Dolphins, or something. Now I'm pretty much ready to blame the state for the Bryans not doing so well yesterday (though all credit to the Brazilians -- both of them have won titles playing with people from other countries).
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