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Originally Posted by maleyoyo View Post
If a student may not make his grade writing an essay in an English class because of his PC or not PC viewpoints, then our educational system is in much deeper problem than I thought..
No, the student may or may not make his grade because of his research methods, his sources, and their quality (or lack thereof). Citing us random yahoos on this board won't get him anywhere--nor should it. Whether his essay is PC or not, I'll bet if it's cogently argued and logically organized with successful research, it will do well.

OP: good luck. Are you in high school? Have you found some decent sources? I would think tennis would be an excellent sport to study because the sport is played by both women and men to relatively equal degrees of success, fame, monetary gain, etc. and the remuneration for each tour can be easily accessed and discussed in a comparison.

I hope you're consulting more authoritative sources than guys called "maleyoyo" on tennis boards, anyway. Good luck to you.
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